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Credit: Plan International Brazil

Some Articles Published in Medium about Charity Fundraising and Social Entrepreneurship
Let’s Build The Philanthropy Of Tomorrow Where it’s about changing the model

I know I’m not going to make any friends because I’m going to be brutal… [more]

Why Charities Should Take Inspiration From Startups Where it is about “moonshots” and “social unicorns.”

Yesterday I talked about branding. Now it’s about social innovation… [more]

The Brutal Truth About Charity Fundraising Or when it’s all about branding.

I have already explained why the term non-profit no longer makes sense…. [more]

Why We Must Get Rid Of This Idea Of Non-Profit Once And For All.  The only way for charities to last.

I have been advising charities on how to raise funds for over ten years.[more]

A Simple Way To Solve Your Charitable Fundraising Problem Once And For All – And that you could largely underestimate.

I’ve been helping charities fund themselves for over ten years…[more]

18 Rules That Will Make Your Startup More Likely To Survive
And that you’ll never learn in business school.

What I’m about to tell you here will save you a hell of a lot of time… [more]

The Only Reason Why NGOs Have Such A Hard Time SurvivingWhat do they have to do to carry on

As some people know, I help NGOs improve their fundraising…[more]

Why Are Most NGOs So Wrong About Fundraising? And why they should stop thinking like one.

I Love NGOs. A lot, even. So much so that I decided to dedicate my life to them one day in May 2012. [more]

Why non-profits should learn from businesses and vice versaAnd why it is in our best interest that they work together.

After more than twenty years working in finance, I left to give my life a meaning….[more]

Yes, purpose means profit. – If you don’t build a culture of purpose, you may crash your business in a big way.

What I’m about to tell you here will save you a hell of a lot of time… [more]

The wealthiest people in the world are not the ones you think. – I met one of them. He lives in Sierra Leone.

Many measure their wealth (and beyond their success) by the number of cars they have in their garage [more]

Charity Fundraising: What If We Got It All Wrong? – My way of solving the fundraising problem once and for all.

Charities are increasingly called upon to carry out their mission, and the pandemic has only increased their need for funding [more]