New Impact

Do You Really Want To Know??

Ok, but we'll keep it short.

Because we hate talking about ourselves. We’d rather know you. Knowing the challenges you face. What’s bothering you, What keeps you up at night. What you would like to change. Your wildest dream as a change maker.

But if you’ve clicked on this page, we’ll give you an answer.

Thirty years in finance between New York, London, Paris, Zurich, and Geneva. Now based in Geneva, Lisbon and Dubai.

Twenty in fundraising and twelve in helping NGOs and companies create more impact. Including an African state. Degrees from the among the best universities, which were of no use to us.

An irrepressible need to make sense of our lives.

And most of all, an insane desire to help you.

Our Objective

New Impact Ventures is a social impact investment consultancy founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We give you the means to build your project on a large scale and maximize its impact

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

We are professionals with extensive expertise in fundraising, social impact, and new technologies.

Impact Centric

All that matters to us is that you can create impact on society. We strive to help you deploy at scale.

A total Autonomy

We give you the tools to carry out your project and make it sustainable in an autonomous way. Without anyone's help. Even without us.

What Organizations Say

"New Impact Ventures helped us rewrite our story by making it more powerful and supporting it with a design that resonates with us."
"This course has helped us to better articulate our narrative and has introduced us to fundraising techniques that we never imagined existed."